National Transport Groupage and Full Loads

With daily routes to and from Athens – Crete, Zanidakis Transports covers the complete needs of Full loads(FTL), as well as Groupage (LTL). With a private fleet of over 20 trucks (with license over 10 tonnes) and more than 60 trailers, we serve every transport need via the Athens – Crete route.

With the capability of receiving, delivery and collection to and from anywhere in Athens and Crete, this ensures the smooth transfer of loads and secure customer service.

With multiple service options for road transport, we provide you the most suitable proposal for the transfer of both continuous flow loads, groupage or full, and direct charters for all types of trailer.

With more than 20 trailer refrigeration chambers with controlled cooling, this ensures delivery of goods to and from Crete within 24 hrs.

We also have specific agreements with renowned national transport companies as well as our own fleet, to offer the ability to also service to certain continental and island destinations outside Attica.